The prison conversation we need, happening right now

How did the drug war change the North Country?  Talk about it all this week.

How did the drug war change the North Country? Talk about it all this week.

This week, the North Country is opening the conversations about prisons wide open, with a series of public conversations and on-air program that we want you to join.

St. Lawrence University is hosting a series of conversations on-campus this week, part of a month-long program about mass incarceration that includes an exhibition of inmate art.

Their program will also feature a “town hall” style meeting Thursday night that includes the Prison Time Media Project’s Natasha Haverty.

Also this week, NCPR will air programs starting tomorrow with a reporter round-table and continuing with a remarkable journey through some of the communities most profoundly changed by New York’s 40 year war on drugs.

We’ll take you to Brownsville, a neighborhood in New York City where a generation of men have been shipped away to prison; we’ll also go to Chateaugay, a prison town here in the North Country struggling to keep its correctional facility.

Also, we’ll have a one-on-one conversation with Brian Fischer, the commissioner of New York’s state Corrections Department for six years, who stepped down in 2013.

Finally, Friday, we’ll host a regional call-in show at 11 am, giving you a chance to weigh in on the role of prisons in our community, the future of the industry, and what you think about the growing calls for reform.

Join us this week for a public discussion of the North Country’s biggest, most controversial industry.


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