For Herman Wallace, an overturned conviction comes before compassionate release

jackson order3Herman Wallace, one of the Angola 3, has been in solitary confinement at Angola Prison for the past 41 years. A few months ago, his diagnosis of liver cancer became public, and since then, his advocates have been fighting for his compassionate release.

But yesterday, Wallace was released, and it wasn’t because his medical parole was approved. After years of receiving denials at the state level, a federal judge granted his appeal, overturned his conviction, and ordered Wallace’s immediate release. Upon his release, Wallace was taken directly┬áLouisiana State University Medical Center in New Orleans, where he remains in critical condition.

Tomorrow, Morning Edition airs a story about the states with the highest incarceration rates. Louisiana has the highest. And keep your ears open for a story we’re working on about compassionate release, airing later this month.


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