Crunch time, Prison Time

prison time media project banner largeIt has been an amazing, hopeful, dramatic month.

On August 1st, we launched our Kickstarter effort to raise $19,500 so that we could capture new, and different voices in our year-long Prison Time series, with the ultimate goal being to produce an hour-long radio documentary.

With four days left to go, we have reached an astonishing 84% of our goal.  That’s brilliant and generous and wonderful.

But Kickstarter has a fairly unforgiving — if simple — rule at the heart of their grassroots-funding model.

If you don’t make your goal, if you don’t cross the finish line, you get zilch.

That’s right.  The scramble is on to find thirty more people (YOU and 29 other people!) willing to give any amount.  $1.  $10.  $100.  Or we could lose the whole shooting match.

So right now, in these final days of the campaign, your $10 pledge can literally help unlock a $16,400 fund.

That’s a lot of stories, a lot of investigative journalism.  So click here to give whatever amount is right for you.  Or watch the video below to learn more about Prison Time.  Thanks.

Support for Prison Time

Support for the Prison Time Media Project is provided by the Prospect Hill Foundation, the David Rockefeller Fund, the NY Council for the Humanities and by numerous individual donors via Kickstarter. Special assistance provided by the Adirondack Community Trust.