Why are so many journalists supporting Prison Time?

Public radio journalist Susan Arbetter is part of a media community that's backing PTMP's Kickstarter effort.

Public radio journalist Susan Arbetter is part of a media community that’s backing PTMP’s Kickstarter effort.

If you scroll down the list of donors to our Kickstarter campaign, which has hit the $6,000 mark, you’ll find that a lot of great journalists are helping out — people like Susan Arbetter, host of Capital Pressroom, and Phil Brown, editor of the Adirondack Explorer.

They believe in investigative, deeply researched reporting.  And like a lot of people, they’re wondering just how this kind of journalism will be funded in the future.  Can it be crowdsourced?  Will grassroots donors give $1 or $10 to make it happen?  That’s the experiment you’re taking part in right now.

Really the question we’re answering this month is a big one:  Is this kind of intensive, narrative story-telling a dinosaur in an age when newspapers are closing and reporters are facing mass lay-offs?  Or are we on the cusp of something really cool — more community-based, more grounded in direct support?

There are just 20 days to go.  A vote for this kind of work costs just a single buck.  It’s quick, it’s affordable, it’s safe and secure and we’ll be about as grateful as anyone could be.

Support for Prison Time

Support for the Prison Time Media Project is provided by the Prospect Hill Foundation, the David Rockefeller Fund, the NY Council for the Humanities and by numerous individual donors via Kickstarter. Special assistance provided by the Adirondack Community Trust.