From the archives: Florida prison life

Prison cell of a "Lifer" at Raiford Prison. 1943?

Prison cell of a “Lifer” at Raiford Prison. 1943?

I love digging around archives and finding old photographs. And I love finding old photographs of prisons. Maybe it’s because I’m fascinated by how much our prisons have changed over the past century, and also curious about ways they’ve stayed the same. I’ve decided to start sharing some of the coolest ones I find as part of a series every Friday, starting today.

So here’s the first batch, these ones all from the state of Florida. Special thanks to the State Archives of Florida, and their Florida Memory project. I hope you find them interesting, too.



(N.B.: You can look at these photos in full size by clicking on them here, and you can find even more of them on our facebook page:


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