Schools vs. prisons?

School District of Philadelphia headquarters at right (Source:  Wikipedia)

School District of Philadelphia headquarters at right (Source: Wikipedia)

The debate over prison funding has shifted to Philadelphia, where MSNBC is reporting that a new $400 million prison complex is being built by Pennsylvania officials, at the same time that the state is closing public schools.

“So what we has is hundreds of millions of dollars being invested in incarcerating people from poor neighborhoods, along with the corresponding buzz saw being taken to education budgets,” argued MSNBC host Chris Hayes.

When pressed, however, Philadelphia’s Mayor Michael Nutter told MSNBC that “these are tough economic times” and declined to connect the dots between new prisons and mothballed schools.

“We’ve had to make some very tough decisions,” Mayor Nutter said.  “We’ve had some very positive discussions about that.”

Check out the segment here and chime in with your views below.

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