Blogging from prison

Here’s a quote from Gary Field, writing from solitary confinement at the Century Correctional Institution in Century, Florida:

[…] A digital divide exists between almost 2 million state inmates and society at large. A “digital divide” which, effectively, cuts off communication with a society that they will be “re-entering” at the rate of about 700,000 a year. […] That “digital divide” did not come about as part of some malicious plot to disenfranchise America’s Incarcerated population. Rather, it is an unintended consequence of the technological advances that have profoundly altered the way “communication” takes place.

I read his letter on a blog called Between the Bars. It’s a project coming out of the Center for Future Civic Media at MIT, and currently has over 300 regular contributors: essays, letters, poetry, fiction, articles, journal entries, and even some drawings and photographs written by men and women who are incarcerated. Those men and women send their letters to the three men operating the site, and they scan them and post them on the blog. And if readers want to respond, they post their comments, and the authors in prison receive the comments as letters.

So, go check it out, and if you like, bridge that divide and start a conversation.

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