Prison Time Media Project comes to On Point

This morning on On Point, Tom Ashbrook invited lead producer Brian Mann to join him in a conversation about mass incarceration. You can listen to the whole show here. And hopefully, this is just the beginning of a conversation that’s starting up all around the country.

Just in one hour, the show hosted a great panorama of voices: One man called from Tennessee, who’s part of a think tank looking at their state’s recidivism rates. One of the guests mentioned Hawaii’s HOPE probation program, the first of its kind in the nation. One woman called from North Carolina, and pointed out how few ex-offenders in her state seem to know about the possibility of having their record expunged. A doctor called from Michigan who’d watch two of his friends’ destroy their lives with drugs, and wondered if the fear of long prison sentences can save some people’s lives. Another man, from Massachusetts called to talk about mental illness in prisons, and how incarceration rates rose just as mental health institutions were closing down. And another one of the guests was representing a group in Texas that’s making the case for prison reform from a conservative perspective. So: what would you add to the conversation?




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